“Pat Soper is a competent, cooperative and congenial artist. He knows painting, he works along with the owner and is ever ready and eager to meet the desires of his client. Pat did two important projects for our School. I would be pleased to ask him to do another.”

– Msgr. Richard Mouton Saint Pius X Parish Lafayette, Louisiana

“"Pat Soper delivers everything you thought you wanted in a painting, and much more. His artwork is superb, and he works hard throughout the process to help you determine what you really want. When I first approached him about doing a painting of my wife, he asked me what kind of painting I had in mind, what sort of image of her I wanted the painting to present, if there were specific things I had in mind to be represented in the painting, and if there was a deadline for getting it done. I had no deadline, but I wanted to surprise my wife with it, rather than have her involved in the process, and I wanted it to capture her spirit as well as her likeness. Pat's careful questioning led me to develop a much clearer understanding of what I wanted. After lots of discussion back and forth, often by email, we agreed on a concept that was what I wanted and thought she would like, too.

Pat then did a drawing, and then re-worked it several times until we both were satisfied with how the painting would look. All of this was done by email and telephone. When the painting arrived, it was exactly as we had agreed, and it was, in the spontaneous observation of an artist friend, 'an outstanding likeness that really captures her spirit.' What more could I have asked of him? The painting delights me anew every time I see it.'

– Oliver Ford, Ph.D. Chester, NH

“I have worked side by side with Celia and Pat Soper in the production of the Acadiana Symphony Program for over fourteen years, when I became the Executive Director of the Acadiana Symphony. Even though I am now retired, I continue to work with Celia on the program ads and the publication of the program booklet, because I value her judgment and her work ethic.

Both Celia and Pat are outstanding artists, and both have contributed unselfishly of their talents to our community. Pat has donated his work for the covers of the program booklets for over twenty years, in addition to other work he does. Pat's work is on permanent display at several churches in our community and in several galleries. His portraits are outstanding, but his generous spirit surpasses that.

Celia's statue of Scholastique Breaux, located in the park in Breaux Bridge is on a par with the sculptures of Rodin, in my opinion. Her busts of Herbert Heymann and Frem Boustany, and her work at the Monroe airport make her one of the outstanding artists in our state.

What an admirable pair of artists! I have enjoyed my work with them and I give them my heartfelt support in any of their endeavors.”

– Geraldine Hubbell, Executive Director, Acadiana Symphony Orchestra, 1992-2000

“"Having a great looking, professionally designed logo has helped our business tremendously. Pat was very easy to work with, it was almost as if he could read my mind, because the logo that he designed was exactly what we were looking for. I would highly recommend Pat to anyone needing a logo designed or for any type of custom artwork.”

– Kyle Hubbard, President Hubbard Properties, Inc.

“Over the last few years, my husband and I have collected several Patrick Soper paintings. We have never tired of being surrounded by such artistry! The one of which I am most proud, though, is my portrait. It hangs above the fireplace and is the focal point of the room. In my opinion he is a brilliant artisan.”

– Marie Koury Lafayette, LA

“This is to certify that I worked closely with Celia Ann Soper when the ‘Women of Breaux Bridge’ decided to erect a statue in honor of the founder of Breaux Bridge, Scholastique Breaux. We contacted Celia Ann and we all found her delightful to work with. We had set up certain guidelines which she followed and also offered great creative ideas to further our dream.

The finished product couldn't have been better. It was a pleasure working with her and statue is now a major tourist attraction in Breaux Bridge.”

– Virginia Yongue Breaux Bridge, LA

“Celia G. Soper has been a dear and trusted friend for more than twenty years. Recently I had the pleasure of working with Celia on a bronze for my home. She was both timely and professional. I met with Celia as the piece progressed and her concern was always for my being happy and satisfied. There would be no way to express my delight in being able to show her work to friends and family.”

– David Bennett

“I was thrilled by Pat Soper's images of the Night Thief and my character Nedra! Kids especially love the cave scenes because they were so realistic and beautiful. I learned that the "illustrations" were actually paintings, which is why the colors are so rich and deep. I was honored to have Pat Soper illustrate The Night Thief.”

– Valerie Allen, Author “The Night Thief” published by Pelican Publishing Co.

"I have been totally pleased in my dealings with Pat and Celia Soper. The Sopers are professional and personable. They are dedicated to their art and their passion comes through in their work. I would recommend them for any project."

– Sherie Burton, Vice President Burton Productions, Inc.


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