Relief Sculptures

Combining the endurance and weather resistance of bronze sculpture and the wall hanging capability of a painting, relief sculpture is the best of both worlds. Sometimes there just isn’t space to accommodate a free-standing piece or maybe more elements need to be included, as in a montage painting, to tell the “story” surrounding the individual or location.

Patrick and Celia Soper combine their talents on relief sculpture work as Pat often designs the piece, producing a sketch for client approval before Celia begins sculpting the final work in clay. In this way, you the client, know just what you are getting and often you can utilize the sketch to help convey the project to board members or for fund raising or to be viewed at an event before the actual bronze is completed. In many cases, the sketch has been unveiled as an “artist’s conception” at a scheduled event when the foundry casting time made it impossible to have the finished piece. Generally, with bronze sculpture, you need to figure on three months casting time after the clay sculpture is completed and approved.

At Soper Studio, we think we stand out in our ability to compose your ideas into a relief sculpture and to create what is sure to be a memorable and attention-getting piece of art!

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Double portrait of two generations of women Bronze family portrait with family crest
Montage relief sculpture depicting elements of the history of Broussard, LA Montage relief sculpture depicting elements of the history of Broussard, LA Montage depicting cardiologist, his family, and company logo Relief sculpture of the Greek muse, Erato
Sculpture of South Louisiana family corporation Relief sculpture of a running horse's head
Portrait sculpture profile of little girl Portrait profile of young boy Relief sculpture of the Greek muse of Music - Euterpe Relief sculpture of the Greek muse of dance Therpsichore
Bronze bas-relief sculpture of company logo Jesus and children
Nude Study
Greek muse Polyhemnia Selman Field montage sculpture depicting WWII training of navigators

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