Pen & Ink Drawings

Any good illustrator will tell you that pen and ink work has been the backbone of illustration work for many years. The striking contrast of black ink on white paper make it the medium of choice for countless printing needs. Newspapers, books, brochures, posters, all utilize pen and ink art on occasion.

Another fascinating thing about pen and ink is the range of styles that can be accomplished in this deceptively simple medium. At Soper Studio, Patrick mastered a number of these styles in his early years as an illustrator. Cross hatching, straight line shading, and stippling are just some of the possibilities.

The samples below will hopefully give a taste of the variety of techniques and looks that are possible with this versatile medium.

(click image to enlarge)

Crosshatch nude drawn from life
Village Scene
Girard Park
Commissioned pen & ink of old convent, St. Martinville, LA Nude study sketch drawn from live model
Heavy crosshatch style Commissioned pen & ink of residence
Stippling & solid ink style for high school reunion poster Crosshatch pen and ink for menu
Crosshatch with splatter for Outdoor Magazine Seated nude study drawn from life Side view nude study from life drawing class Another life drawing sketch
Sporting art crosshatch illustration for magazine Self-promotional montage ink illustration Crosshatch drawing of hunter with ducks Seated nude crosshatch study
Cypress tree illustration for menu cover Wood block look ink work ad and T-shirt design Solid, parallel line and stippling style. Fund raiser for animal shelter Self-promotional illustration, stippling and solid ink

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