Montage Portraits

Amontage portrait is the ultimate way to honor an individual. More than just a likeness, it is a personalized accounting of just who that person is. His or her interests, accomplishments, the things that are special to them, their passions, can all be incorporated to tell their very singular story.

Discover just why a Montage Painting is so unique here!

Patrick draws upon the skills he perfected as both an illustrator of books and as a fine oil portrait painter to combine just the right blend of images to create a captivating and enduring testament to an individual. He will work with you, the client, producing a rough sketch for approval before going on to finish the canvas. Montages make the perfect “surprise” gift for special occasions such as retirement or anniversaries, as all that is needed are good reference photos of the subject.

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Portrait with gulf fishing elements
Portrait of a Canadian goose guide and outfitter with dog and lodge Hunting montage featuring a man, sons, and Mississippi hunting camp Agriculture themed montage portrait Portrait of Celia Soper with hibiscus element
Self-portrait of artist Pat Soper showing development of painting Portrait of a decoy carver Montage portrait of girl with Southern elements Memories of the artist's father
Montage portrait of lawyer with career and hobbies elements Portrait of engineer responsible for design of tallest oilfield production platform Portrait of one of two brothers who won golf's PGA cup Portrait of one of two brothers who won golf's PGA cup
Portrait of cardiologist with flight elements Sepia toned portrait of award winning philanthropist
Montage detailing subject's law enforcement career Portrait of founder of offshore mapping corporation Portrait of young man with a passion for waterfowl hunting Portrait of an attorney who loves to hunt and fish
Poster art depicting portraits of five pro golfers Portrait of former New Orleans Saints coach, Bum Phillips Montage portrait of USL head football coach Portrait of founder and products from Widelite Corporation
Portrait of chiropractor, his children and interests Profile of a young woman with artist Gustave Klimt design elements Marquis De Lafayette montage painted for 150th year celebration Portrait of 40 year career of prominenet Baptist preacher

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