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 Self-portrait of Patrick Soper
We do many kinds of art, but our specialty is montage paintings and sculptures. A montage is artwork that contains several different elements or scenes. It is a kind of collage painting that combines to tell a story. It can be the perfect personalized retirement gift art. It can be a montage portrait, a theme portrait, or can even be a painting regarding a municipality’s history or a region’s history. The possibilities are endless. It can be religious art, civic art, or a painting of a person’s interests and/or accomplishments.

We are expert at creating these collage paintings and sculptures. Very often they involve people, as the principal subject, thus montage portraiture, whether it be a corporate portrait or a personal portrait, is one of our most common commissions. Nothing portrays the wide range of a person’s interests and achievements like a montage painting. Because the artwork tells a story, it is a narrative painting and is ideal for a corporation’s anniversary or to commemorate some other special event in a business’s history. A montage painting or sculpture can include such elements as important individuals, family members, building depictions, logos, awards, occupational symbols, historical references, and key events.

Many times when a company’s founder or key employee is nearing retirement, we have been called upon to create a memorable and personalized retirement painting or sculpture to honor that individual’s contributions. Your imagination is the only limitation. Montage paintings are also perfect to represent family memories, a child’s favorite pastime, or even a special bond between two people.

Patrick Soper’s many years as an illustrator and portrait artist combined with Celia Soper’s talent as a bronze portrait sculptor, has culminated in a broad area of expertise in many fields of commissioned art. They also do traditional fine oil portraits on canvas and bronze portrait busts. They have been fulltime artists for over 25 years, working mostly by commission and in the field of representational art. People, animals, landscapes, figurative art, from small statuettes to life-size statues in bronze, from pencil sketches to large painted canvas murals are all a significant part of Soper Studio.

Aside from people as subjects, both Celia and Pat love to do animals, especially pets. Patrick has painted many wildlife commissions and received much recognition for his talent in this genre. Nudes are another favorite subject and styles range from classical to neo-expressionism.

Basically, at Soper Studio we love art and we love working with clients to fulfill their custom artwork needs. Please check out our work and see what others say about us in the testimonials. Your ideas and our talent are all that’s needed to create an exceptional and enduring piece of fine art!


SOPER STUDIO – Pat and Celia Soper, Professional Artists and Sculptors
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