Figurative Art

The human form, clothed or unclothed, is arguably the subject most demanding of an artist’s skill. For that reason, artists serious about perfecting and demonstrating their abilities have pursued it in virtually every medium for centuries.

Patrick and Celia Soper, with their combined backgrounds as portraitists and illustrator, have spent years drawing and sculpting the human form and never tire of its intricate subtleties and challenges.

“It is a subject with a high degree of difficulty but unsurpassed in its beauty and grace when it is done correctly,” says Patrick.

Patrick’s paintings of nudes range from the classical to the surreal and from traditional ala prima oils to elaborate themed montages. Several of his “mythological” themed nudes have been selected for and won awards in National Juried Art Exhibitions.

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Mixed media nude from the series Myth and Legend, Naiad theme. Mixed media nude from series Myth and Legend, Odalisque theme
One of the Myth and Legend Series depicting Eve Mixed media painting titled Guardians
Small nude study in oil wash Lair of the Tigress, mixed media, from the Series, Myth and Legend Mixed media nude from the series, Myth and Legend, entitled Judgment Mixed media painting from the Series of nudes, Myth and Legend
Award-winning panting from Series, Myth and Legend, Fallen Angel theme Standing nude, ala prima oils One of the Myth and Legend Series nudes, Secret Garden Winner, Windsor Newton Award, National Juried Show, Prospero's Compass
Mixed media nude, Egyptian theme Dragon Dance, one of the series, Myth and Legend One of the Myth and Legend paintings, Day Follows Night, theme Mixed media nude, Greek Temple of Aphrodite
The Lady of Shallotte, Myth and Legend Series Conceptual montage, The Engineering of the Fall of Man, mixed media Winter Arabesque Stairway to Heaven
Tapestry and Lace
Song of the Sea
Stained Glass Garden
Russian Silk
Sedona Dreams

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